Shaving- Updated from 2yrs ago


Sometimes at the age of 32

all you really need is a good razor, some shaving cream, a shaving brush and some time.razor

I’ve been shaving pretty much since I was a teenager.
Puberty for me hit in that 6 week gap from primary school to secondary.


kid beard

It was awkward at 12 being 5’7 when everyone else was knee high to a hobbit but not as awkward as never having had another growth spurt and slowly over the course of 5 years becoming a mildly average short guy.

short guy
But I had my freakish X-man ability to grow vast amounts of facial hair. Something I’ve only really started to appreciate since I’ve discovered the need for ‘just for men’ beard dye.
I figure it’s my version of a push up bra, basically a lie, but, a lie you don’t mind being seen out with.



Not long until Movember….



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