Ok you got me!

A couple of years ago my friend Sue (suzie81speaks) set up a WordPress blog. To tag along with this ‘new’ thing we could talk about and share (we’ve known each other for years and wouldn’t ever want to run out of conversation) I thought it would be a good idea to do one as well. 

I admit… I got bored very quickly with it.

However after 2yrs of sitting in pubs talking to Sue and the back of her phone, as she quite effectively joins in the conversation whilst posting new WordPress articles, she wrote one with me in mind. It was at just the right time, however much I would never admit that I needed a little boost right about then, I did need one. It came in the form of a piece of writing that not only made me look better than I am but also with other peoples comments on her post. 

Is ARTICLE the right word to use?

I am going to pick this up again, maybe, well we’ll see but in the mean time this is my way of showing thanks to a frankly fantastic best friend and her extended friends within this little online community. 


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