Am I getting broody?

Am I really a 33 year old broody single man?


  • What is ‘broody’?
  • Am I ‘broody’?
  • Why am I ‘broody’?
  • How can I deal with being ‘broody’?

Definition of broody in English:


ADJECTIVE (broodier, broodiest)

(Of a hen) inclined to incubate eggs.
INFORMAL (Of a woman) having a strong desire to have a baby:my sister had a baby and I suddenly realized what it is to feel broody
Engaging in or arising from deep thought:his broody concern for the future
It would appear from the dictionary definition that no I am not. I am neither a hen nor a woman. Engaging in deep thought, perhaps then yes I am. But wait, that has nothing to do with having children. 
This is without doubt due to age. I have spent many of the last ten years watching friends of mine having offspring. Some in a traditional family set up and some in a set up that they somehow make work. Nowadays I am starting to question if I will ever have children, which doesn’t seem to me to be a typical question a man ask’s himself. Or is it?
Am I facing my own mortality?mortality

It’s possible that this is me just wanting to pass on my genes, in which case I can safely blame nature, relax and go get a drink. Or is it more than that? The more I ponder this question the more I think it’s about passing on what I have learned to another human being. Because after all, isn’t that how we truly grow as a species?

I’ve thought to myself ‘does it matter if they aren’t my kids’? It really doesn’t, last year I spent a time with a mother of two. Two brilliant kids, unfortunately things weren’t to work out between us. But it gave me time to ponder if it really matters that they aren’t sharing my genetics. It didn’t at all, they are probably better off without, there’d be male pattern baldness and a few redundant ginger genes floating around.  

A few months ago a long time friend from school made me Godfather to her son. When she asked if I wanted to she said “because you are the only bloke I know who would be a good influence on my son”. This is progodfatherbably the best thing I will hear during my 30’s. 

As his first present I got him ‘The boys book at how to be the best at everything’. Because well, there are to many kids that aren’t being taught that nowadays and you know what, I will do my best to make sure you grow into the best bloke you can be. It’s my long term hobby plan as I am very poor at gardening and you can’t take an oak tree for its first drink in 18yrs time. gangster top1920436_10151960686676437_393949743_n

Now how do I deal with this?

The obvious answer would be to find a girl, rush head long into a full on relationship, quickly move in together, get pregnant and then everything that comes as part of that whole life choice. Before our inevitable differences force us to break up after trying for years to stay together ‘for the kid’ and produce another child from a broken home. (not that that’s something I’m judging)

Truth be told I would more than happily be a single father. But for now as I ponder this for possibly another few years, I will sit back in my chair, light up a cigarette and watch Family Guy.


23 thoughts on “Am I getting broody?

      1. I completely agree. Family Guy reminds me of watching Bugs Bunny when I was younger. I knew it was funny, but I didn’t quite get the underlying adult humor. But my generation has Family Guy…perfect.

      2. The last three days I’ve done pretty much 3 seasons just because I can’t sleep. It’s my comfy funny friend who I like to go to bed with lol

  1. I got broody at 28 – and my son is absolutely perfect – when he isn’t annoying the shit out of me because he’s too much like me or his father or nobody but himself. My genes should have stayed in the pool without the lifeguard. They were safer there ……….. kids? A lot of work – no sleep for 4 years and then a brief rest until they’re 16 and then no rest until they’re 25 or so. And then ……… they have kids????? What’s up with that??????? I love the one I have and I wouldn’t give a nickel for another one ………..get a drink, have a cigarette ……… it’s cheaper.

      1. I smoke because I have to live. If I quit smoking I die. My posts of the last week will prove that ……. men who don’t smoke don’t get it …….. sigh. Someday he’ll get over it – I’m sure. And I’m going to keep driving traffic ……….. 🙂

      2. My Grandfather quit smoking just before he died. My Gran blames his quitting. Meanwhile she has been dying for the last ten years and more recently very close to it. But two things she hasn’t lost in the last few weeks is her sharp tongue and her definite need to smoke.

      3. I’m not – I’m a fighter – but he has me mesmerized ………. gone …….. done and we’re only 119 years old together …..

      4. Hahahaha. It’s sick isn’t it? I love being my age ……… and oh boy is he something. Something something.

      5. I wouldn’t worry about that. Since passing, no surpassing, 30 anyone under the age of 25 thinks I was riding to school on a dinosaur and not getting free milk because of prohibition.

      6. I remember being under 30 …… under 20 was way better. We lived the simple life ……….. booze and rock n roll and anything else – going to college in the late 60s was hard on being sane. Fun – but hard on being sane.

      7. I was talking to one of my customers today saying about how I can’t remember much from the weekend. He replied with- “It’s like the 60’s, if you remember it you weren’t really there”.

      8. That’s funny …… I remember some stuff – usually what I wore ……. shallow. Or when I got sick drinking too much. Or the horrid classes I never went to …… good things.

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