‘Breaking the moustache’

Daily post – Breaking the Ice

This coming November will be the 5th year I’ve taken part in ‘Movember’.

The Movember Foundation is a global men’s health charity committed to changing the face of men’s health. With an official presence in 21 countries, the Movember Foundation is committed to driving significant improvements for the prioritised men’s health issues – prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.’

Movember is now definitely my favourite month out of the entire year.

I remember the first time I’d heard about it. I was with a girlfriend who would not allow me to grow a moustache. Not even for charity! I’m mean what the Hell. Was she the worst girlfriend ever? No, probably not but damn it I wanted to raise some money for a male orientated charity and prove my worth as a man.
By growing a moustache!
By the next year she was out of the picture. This would be the first ‘tash I had ever grown. And my, it would change my life.


There wasn’t many other moustaches around during my first year. It was a big world wide charity mo 1but I had only noticed a few fine young gentlemen carrying their upper lips with a certain flare and pride.
I raised no money on this year. But I did explain to anyone who asked, and some that didn’t, what I had grown it for.
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER- spread the word.



Year 2:- I’d been 10602801_10152254730021437_2058221130_npreping for most of the year in the run up to this one. People who knew me knew what it was about. They were looking forward to seeing what sprouted from my top lip. What did sprout was a rather fine handle bar moustache. And I loved him. Yes him, because only two years in and my once yearly moustache visitor had become my best friend.
Year two raised £50.



Year 3:– the preperation for year three started on the 1st of December in year two. This was the big one. This was going to be my year. But wait… I was in another relationship. Would this one get in the way of my upper lip hair cultivation? Hell no. Never again. I was not going to be faced with a “it’s me or the moustache” situation.

I didn’t even need to worry about an impending moustache related break-up. This girlfriend loves me and my moustache. In fact he was possible my biggest supporter during this year.
Total raised for year 3, £85.

Year 4:- single again. No- how can I be alone when I have a moustache.
Year 4 was going to be the biggest year ye10578017_10152254729831437_2028941569_nt. Year 4 was going to reach superhero levels of moustachery.


My moustache was back and this year it brought his own cape. This was the year my face and upper lip had made it to, picture 5 I think, google images. My lower face on tshirts, my mug on a mug. This was fantastic. I was the leader of the brotherhood. I was going out with the biggest and best moustache in town.
Year four I had gathered myself two side kicks and the total had gone up to £135.


Year Now:– not long now. What will this years upper lip present me with? We will all have to wait and see.

I do know for sure that it will unite men across the world. Even those who don’t grow will be included through feelings of admiration and jealously. And the moustached community will welcome them and help them grow.
Total to be raised- there is no glass ceiling there is nothing stopping us.

Ice breaker, no ICE CRUSHER.


4 thoughts on “‘Breaking the moustache’

  1. I know it’s all for a good cause but I’m dreading Movember. It’s the month where men that really cannot pull of moustaches wear them anyway and take on a resemblance of Borat. Plus most men seem to fall in love with them, posting pictures and grooming rituals on Facebook on a daily basis. And not to forget the sad status updates about “letting it go” just a week before it’s shaving time. I have seen men mourn the loss of their “new friend” more than the loss of a relationship. I guess it’s something we women will never be able to understand (despite the fact that we do have facial hair!).

    1. That song by James Blunt. “Goodbye my moustache, goodbye my friend, you have been the one, you have been the one for me”… Granted that’s my version, the version I sing every December 1st whilst having a weepy shave over a sink.
      I know some men can’t pull it off, some can’t even grow one. But, any attempt at growing a moustache must be applauded.
      It’s the only charity I know where so many men world wide join forces and give awareness and funds to a charity that deals with men’s issues. I love it. My friends may get a little sick of my facial hair talks but it’s all very important.

      1. Agree, it’s great that everywhere around the world people join together to take part and compete in this challenge. It’s certainly better than the ice bucket. At least no water (or ice for that matter) gets wasted. Good luck for this year!

      2. Thank you very much. I may open it up to WordPress to vote for the moustache style of this year. I was thinking Spiderman. But we will see.

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