Are you still up?


Should I turn my phone off at night? OR shoimagesuld people have the courtesy not to text/ring after a certain time in the PM?

The question in it’s self- ‘are you still up?’ screams the possibility that I may not be. Via a text message maybe it’s nothing to get annoyed about but when it’s sent, read and ignored you don’t really expect a follow up phone call.

What it really means:

“Are you still awake?” – Translates as, look I know you are probably sleeping because of the time but I’m hoping that this message wakes you up.

“Hi, sorry did I wake you” – Translates as, look I know I’ve just woken you up but please don’t be annoyed.

Everyone knows that the only time you get seriously bad news is in the middle of the night. So unless you a calling with really bad news don’t expect my reaction to be one of joyous conversation. I mean really, this couldn’t wait? You couldn’t have written this possibly alcohol fuelled thought down and waited until the morning. You couldn’t have just gone to the mirror and had words with yourself? No you had to call me!

And of course I then made the mistake of turning the laptop on, because I’ve found that if I type my rants on here it some how helps to calm the storm that started brewing in my mind. 

You have one new notification from Facebook. Oh F**K OFF. Literally no calls or text messages all day. Until I then allow my head to hit the pillow. 

This is going to be a short one as even talking about it is annoying me. And I was annoyed enough at getting woken up.

I look forward to reading any WordPress notifications in the morning. I say ‘look forward to’ as if I’m not going to be up for the next 2hours checking my latest ‘stats’, but, there are certain things in life that are guaranteed.

  1. Death
  2. Heartbreak
  3. Not getting back to sleep



Oh God, now I’ve got death and taxes to worry about… 

A possible goodnight people. 


15 thoughts on “Are you still up?

  1. This drives me utterly batshit crazy. It must be one of those “getting older” things, as it never bugged me until I’d turned 30. My phone has a do not disturb mode which I have set up to be active from 11pm till 8am & during that time it only makes a noise for calls & texts from my mum, 2 brothers, neices mum & 3 very close friends who know that if they need to they can get hold of me at any time. Anyone and anything else can wait.

    1. I just don’t get why ‘it can’t wait’ anyway. I shouldn’t have to turn my phone off.
      I shouldn’t have to only allow certain people to ring after a certain time. Because those certain people never would.
      I wish I could just sleep in a hammock way above the reach of phone signals. But then I’m scared of heights.

      1. So very true, but there will almost always be that one person (usually drunk) who thinks it’s a good idea to text you at 3am. I’m not a fan of heights either, though these days I can almost always ignore the rising panic if there’s a shot I want to get.

  2. If ever I get that message after 10pm I always text back and say, ‘No, I’m fast asleep”.

    It’s like when my landline phone goes and the caller says “oh, your at home are you?” Well, guess what, yes I am at home because I’ve just picked up the phone to you!!!!! I have been known to say, “no I’m not at home, I still in M&S”, only to get the response “well you must be at home because I’ve just rang your landline number”. Then why are you asking me in the first place!!!!

    Rant over.

    Have a good bank holiday, Paul, oh and enjoy Dr.Who tomorrow. I know you’ve already seen it, but I know you are going to enjoy watching it again 🙂

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