“We’d make beautiful babies…”


My weekend in review:

This weekend began as any other. With a phone call to work to see ‘if we needed anything on the way’. I work in a pub in my local city centre. There is only two other people who work there the couple that run it and myself as a barman, a DJ, the promotions guy, a cellar man, a host, the occasional handyman, babysitter/marriage councillor.
I admit I love it. Friday is my day, I work the bar until 7pm and then I run a karaoke night until- I always forget what time as Friday singing-super-fun-day is also my drinking day.
During the supply run phone call made to work my boss asks me a question “oh guess who came in last night looking for you?”. I was stumped. “Who” I asked refusing to get drawn into a game of ‘you’d never guess who’. It was The Woman.
To keep her identity intact and in a Sherlock-ion inspired naming I will refer to her simply as ‘The Woman’.images
The day was fairly standard and I wasn’t expecting a visit from The Woman as it was her birthday and I assumed she had better things to do than come and watch me sing. I had in any case received a visit from my American friend who had just finished work and was coming for a night out.
“Happy birthday, would you like a drink” I said with one of those very European side kisses you use to greet an old friend.
The Woman had landed. Turns out she had no plans for her birthday but to come and watch me sing. Well this is great, a Friday night performing, drinks and two very good friends; America and The Woman.
“We’d make beautiful babies”… We hadn’t even been drinking for an hour. “Do you not think we’d make beautiful babies?” The Woman asks America. Not only did the question put him on the spot but me as well. The Womab and I had a little bit of a dalliance last year but nothing came of it. I’d taken a vow of celibacy, my head needed some clarity and I had no time for romantic liaisons. This was the woman whom I’d taken out a few times earlier in the year and ended the evening with a hearty hand shake a thanks for the pleasant evening and a goodnight.
But there it was again, the statement. Yes, yes I believe we would make very beautiful babies. From this point on very little singing was done on my part as my face was otherwise engaged.
The night at work had passed, we found ourselves in a late night pizza shop. My treat, “it’s your birthday after all”.
Cue the entrance of the gypsy rose vender.
“You buy rose for lady”, I’m not sure if it was a question or a demand.
“No thanks love”
“Rose for the lady” nodding at me.
“To be honest love I don’t even like here, so, ermm well, no thank you”.
“Oh go on it’s my birthday”
Well how can I say no to that? “How much are they?”
“Two pounds”
“WHAT!” Had I really been out of the dating game so long that these late night rose chancers had fallen fowl of inflation? Was the drinks and pizza and entertainment not enough to secure my baby makipost-11050-quagmire-ben-wa-balls-gif-we-a-LZXBng. Oh for f**k sake. And I’d parted with £2.
To cut a long story short and avoid details, imagine we are back at The Woman’s house. The camera pans away to a window with a beautiful view and soft romantic music is playing.
I wake up first and start making the coffee. I’m good like that.She enters the living room and takes a seat on the sofa and I hand over coffee, black no sugar.
“Oh you brought me a rose” she exclaims with a smile.
“Yeah! And for two bloody pound you’d think you’d have remembered it.” I had to verbally end that sentence with a LOL to detract from just how awful it sounded.

It was a nice start to the day, I had woken up naked next to a naked woman! Had it been that long that these events had made me smile like a teenager with his first secret copy of Playboy? Probably.
Was I in a good mood because of that or because it happened to be Doctor Who day?
Well blow me it was a little of both. I’d considered changing the start of that sentence but given the happenings I’d been describing it made me chuckle.

Doctor Who returns, not only to our televisions but to the big screen. My costume sorted and tickets purchased (three weeks in advance) I had just to get over this damned hangover.

What I will be wearing for the foreseeable future
What I will be wearing for the foreseeable future

For sake of keeping this post short this was the highlight of the weekend.
SPOILERS ahead….






It was bloody fantastic. Capaldi jumped straight in and won everybody over. My continued love for a show I had loved since I was 4 yrs old was ensured to continue. (Ha like that was ever in doubt)


Relationship status: still single and £2 ligdownloadhter


15 thoughts on ““We’d make beautiful babies…”

  1. Oh dear, £2 down, OK and still single, but just think…another 10 weeks of Doctor Who ahead plus the Christmas special 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I haven’t won you over have I? Anyway, what else would that £2 have got you?

      1. I loved it! Such a great idea of a dinosaur in Victorian London and to include Matt Smith in the episode as well (that was a shocker but a great touch). And next week the daleks are back 🙂
        PC is going to make a terrific Doctor.

      2. I say this a lot but, he’s going to be my favourite. I thought he was fantastic from the day last year he appeared on stage doing the lapel grab pose.
        I loved the episode a very good start and already seemingly moving forward. I’m just wondering now if I can get away with adopting a Scottish accent without first moving there for many years.

      3. Agreed, did you see you Q&A thing after? PC started ‘arguing’ with Moffat about bringing back Mondasian Cybermen. He is possibly the biggest fan boy there could be and that will only help the rest of us fanboys out there.

      4. I know that I am going to be starting work later on a Saturday night for the next 10 weeks. I saw a clip from next weeks episode with one brilliant line in it. It’s going to be the best Dalek episode since ‘Dalek’ I think.

  2. I’m way more into sex than Dr. Who. Skip Who go for sex – always my motto – until you wear someone out …….. sigh.

      1. I’ll give you that …….. that’s why I listen to Leonard Cohen every night all night long – watch the Live from London Concert over and over and over ………. it’s easier.

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