Inspiration for Movember 2014 -get thinking

So this will be the 5th year I’ve taken part in Movember and I want to make this year the biggest yet. I have chosen a theme, that being Breaking Bad because after buying a porkpie hat I realised I had a slight resemblance to Walter White. 10628579_10152256719996437_4808247922555766118_n

I normally start planning Movember months in advance and although this is technically 3 months of early planning I have left it quite late this year. So I’m looking for money raising ideas. My imagination has only so far managed to sort out two Heisenberg costumes.

Costumes alone will not raise much money so I’m looking for some ideas that will ensure the best Movember  to date.

  • Moustache/Breaking Bad related quotes
  • Breaking Movember Challenge
  • Party Ideas


I know it’s early to start thinking about but given the recent trend of dumping fresh water over your head for charity I want to get in early on the planning. Get thinking and let me know.


5 thoughts on “Inspiration for Movember 2014 -get thinking

  1. OK, so you are going to become a big hairball by the end of Movember, so if that beard comes off on December 1st, how about having your chest and legs waxed as well? Painful I know, but I’ll sponsor you. Just let us know how we go about it.

      1. Nothing will be waxed ever again. I’ll update the post with a picture of the chest wax with the statement ‘NEVER AGAIN’. And thank you. It will be up for November

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