An open letter to China

Dear China
I have been blogging for approximately 12days now. I admit I have fallen for it quite hard. My blog always listens and providing I have electric to power my laptop and food to power my mind it is always there for me.
One thing I have been fascinated with is the ‘stats’ section that word press offers. There is a handy little map showing me where people are at the time of reading my words. I admit I did not expect anyone outside of my local area to read anything I write but it turns out that people from all over my country are viewing. Not only my country but from across the world. Only today I noticed 3 views from Pakistan, I wonder about who is reading from there.
But after telling my very good friend, who also has a blog, about the reach I seem to have she said one thing to me that made me think- “you know you’ve made it in blogging when you get hits from china”.
So how about it China, me and you. What do you think? What can I do you for you?


I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Mr.Polly


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