The Best Date Ever- Possibly




OK. So I think I’ve just got home from possibly the best date ever. I say possibly because I’m not sure if it was a date or not. How on Earth would you know unless it’s been implicitly stated that ‘we are on a date’?

So first, why was it so good? First of all if you have read any of my previous posts you may have seen one where I was flabbergasted by the price of single roses being sold by late night flower pedlars.  This shock of the price of roses becomes important from the following information. 

First of all I work in a bar. This is where we were meeting a couple of hours after my shift had finished. We had planned to go to the cinema to watch The Expendables III. But first we will meet up for a quick drink. So where to meet, well at the bar where I work. It’s opposite the cinema so it makes going anywhere else a little bit pointless if we are just having a quick drink. This is where the money savings begin. My manager who was now working the bar was, I think, so impressed that me, ‘Mr So Happy Single’, was going out with a real life woman. With possible romantic intent. So of course to ‘help a brother out’ drinks were on him. Well that automatically makes me look better. 

Second thing. We drank our drinks very quickly, just so we didn’t miss the film. A film I had already seen but really didn’t mind watching again with ‘The Woman’-(yes it’s the same ‘The Woman’ as previously mentioned). We stood there about to join the cue to purchase tickets when, out of literally no where a friend of hers came over to say hello. This friend was either an employee of the cinema or was the ‘Magic Date Money Saving Fairy’. Yes coming straight off the back of  free drinks we were now receiving free cinema tickets. 

Well this is going quite well but how ever well it’s going I have things to do in the morning and she had to get up early for work. But wait, the money saving didn’t stop quite there. I now face the journey home this would either be a £10 taxi ride or £2.10 on the last bus of the night. And just the luck of today, a customer at work had given me a ‘DaySaver’. Which is basically a ticket that allows you to use any bus for that day. 

In summary: 

  • Free drinks
  • Free cinema tickets
  • Free travel

This had been a completely free night out. I then started thinking about the maths. A subject which is not my strongest. But stick with

Friday Night                     Wednesday Night

£2 spent on a rose (outgoing)       £5.50 worth of free drinks

                                                      £9 worth of cinema tickets

                                                      £2.10 worth of travel

So for a £2 outlay on Friday I received £16.60 of free stuff.  

That’s £14.60 profit as far as I’m concerned. Which makes that the best possible date ever. Plus I’m seeing her again on Friday night. 

But was it a ‘date’.download (1)

I have been single for a year now. Previous to this I’ve been in long term relationships for at least 8yrs. This dating lark has changed somewhat from what I remember. And what I remember probably never happened like that anyway. 

I’m fairly sure ‘back in the day’ that a guy found a girl he liked. Made it clear by telling her and after maybe one date he would say -“So, do you, ermm, do you wanna be my girlfriend?” She would either say yes or shoot him down in flames, as kindly as she could. 

When did this social convention change? All the misdirection you are faced with nowadays when it comes to dating I am genuinely surprised that humans still manage to breed.
I am still genuinely confused as to my own feelings on dating/seeing someone/having a girlfriend/ (insert whatever you call it here).

Lets face it I’m the guy who was genuinely shocked at the price of a single flower. I’m the guy who claims the best ‘date’ ever just so happened to be the completely free night out. 

Anyhoo for now- Relationship Status: Still single and £14.60 up.


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