The problem with my flat screen TV.

download (1)Don’t get me wrong, I do love it. Only recently did I find myself visiting my parents house on my fathers birthday, he sat in his chair all day with his feet up enjoying a relaxing day of not having to go to work. My father has worked hard all his life, since I reached working age myself I had found a new appreciation for this man who has supported me all my life. So when I visit and he is relaxing with his feet up, eating cake and drinking tea whilst watching his new television set how could I possibly say anything.

Wait a moment, a new TV. A new 55inch curved TV. A new 55inch curved 3D TV. A new 55inch curved 3D with built in wifi and internet access TV.  WHAT!

Now as I said, this man has worked hard all of his life. Even before I was planned and born. But wait a minute. You don’t ‘need’ that TV. I ‘NEED’ THAT TV. I only got myself a flat screen two years ago. I’m the young trendy eldest son. Why on Earth have you got that TV and I’m at least 5yrs behind?

It was his birthday so I kept my jealousy under wraps. Thinking, ‘my birthday is coming up’ and trying to drop hints that, my birthday is coming up. Trying to drop hints that I really wouldn’t mind if I got a massive curved 3D telly for it. 

But then it hit me.

Since the invention and home invasion of flat screen TV’s where do people put birthday cards now. There was none of my fathers cards on display. How could he know it was his birthday without this display? 

The cards on top of the telly was a staple of my life growing up. Every Christmas, every birthday. That trend must have died out. Oh I miss it already. 

My birthday is the next in the families. I no longer want a brand new super TV, I want to get my old fat backed telly out of the cupboard. It’s been OK for 33 years of card holding. This is where I learnt cards go after receiving and empting them of any cash and only now do I start worrying about where to put my cards this year. 

It’s 21:35 in the evening, I have nothing to do… this lack of card display storage is really playing on my mind. 


7 thoughts on “The problem with my flat screen TV.

  1. Aww, that is kind of sweet… the sentimentality of it… It’s funny how “card-shelves” and other certain things from our childhood catch up on us as we hit the second quarter of our lives…

      1. So true… the recent 4-5 years I found myself wishing back the childhood… I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse as I get older and older 😀 Even parents seem to be getting more and more important… When as a teenager we couldn’t wait to get away from them, then now we can’t wait to visit them again 😀

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