What I realised about the Zombie Apocalypse.

Firstly I am ready for it!

Seriously, I have been making and refi1e4a83c (1)ning plans for years. I secretly hope that there is a Zombie apocalypse. No really, the more I think about it the more I want one.

I found out a coupleof years ago that I love zombie movies, usually the worst the better. But bad as in production costs not content. If anyone saw the God awful Brad Pitt ‘World war Z’ then you know that Zombies don’t need money. 

I have had zombie related nightmares for many years now. I think this is my brains way of coping with people. It’s shocking. I relate knowing, or being surrounded by, people to being chased by hordes of mindless creatomdelay_ZOMBIE-NIGHTMAREtures who make life difficult… Oh yeah, hang on, zombies.  Some days people are zombies. Horrible nightmarish human beings.  I don’t normally have nightmares but when I do it’s a zombie one and it’s terrifying. I wake up jittery for the day ahead knowing that I’m in no mood to be dealing with people because I’ve been running from them all night. 

I’d worked out the connection with my nightmares and waking life after just a few of these dreams. This is when I’d started writing my plans for the apocalypse.

At first the plans where just for survival. They then became more fleshed out, more realistic. I’d got my survival timeline down to roughly about six months. Because zombies are possible and the science of the apocalypse only gives these creatures a short life span.

Then I’d realised something about myself.


I at no point planned to save anyone but myself. I would leave everyone behind, family and friends. It would be my chance to reinvent myself, on my terms. I’d take on a pseudonym and be who I wanted to be, my chance to regenerate.

Now I’m realising something else about myself. 

However much I try not to, I tend to live my life on other peoples terms. However independent I am, I do what is expected of me usually when it’s expected of me. Well, from this point on I will stop doing that. 


Tomorrow I’m starting my Zombie Apocalypse.zombie-apocalypse



4 thoughts on “What I realised about the Zombie Apocalypse.

  1. love the leave everybody behind part – good with that that strikes a cord with me for sure – then yes the name change is ever so important – i will do both – i am not waiting for an apocalypse

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