Another Year Closer To Death

So it was my birthday yesterday. A birthday I had been dragging out since the Saturday two days downloadbefore. I had for a very long time nothing planned, I didn’t want to do anything, I didn’t want to do anything with anyone. Until I saw a business opportunity. You see I work in a pub and at weekends I run a DJ/Karaoke night in that pub. It was also two of my regulars birthdays in the couple of days previous. We have been trying to build Saturday nights and what better way than to announce a joint celebration.

Also a great excuse for me to be drunk and sing. 

I did just that. Joined by my best friend, who also loves a bit of karaoke. The rate at which I was drinking was I think my attempt at taking ten years off and pretend that I can still do the ‘drunken night out’ like I was 23. I can’t. I would say though that I had a really nice time. And later in the evening I’d invited someone out whom I have more than a passing interest in. Luckily my best friend, who was my only company that wasn’t a regular customer, had also invited a friend out so I felt a little less guilty about shifting my attention.

Already very drunk and in no real fit state to go out and carry on drinking I decided to go out and carry on drinking. In-spite of the fact that I had told the best friend not to let me go out. I knew from the start of the day that if I just drank at work and went home I would be fine. I had made very specific instructions to most of the people involved in that day not to let me ‘go out’ after work. But the best laid plans of mice and men always go astray after a couple of hours drinking whatever you can however fast you can.
Besides I was now out with a genuinely interesting female who I think is interested in me. 7AM this night ended. I hadn’t made it home but I had managed not to throw up all of the consumed alcohol and have a pleasant (1)

Time then went like this:

7:05AM – Passed out

7:30ish AM – Oh no, she snores

11:45ish AM- I’m awake. How am I awake?

Midday: Out of bed, coffee and a glass of water.

Small talk. 

12:30PM:- ‘Should probably move’. ‘I should be on the way to the parents’.

13:00 – Taxi home, bath, taxi to parents.

14:00 – Beef roast. Struggling to get through this.

14:30- Made it through dinner.

14:35 – Fast asleep on my parents sofa.

16:30 – “You may as well go home to bed Paul” Mother said.

17:00 – Taxi home.

17:30- Fast asleep, on top of my bed fully dressed.

And when I woke up it was my actual birthday. I was another year closer to death. 


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