A dream so exciting that I woke up exhausted

When I woke up this morning it was a straight transcendence from dream world to real world. It took a good few minutes to work out what was real and what was not. What was real is that I was thinking so hard in the dream world that by the time I had reached the waking world I was completely exhausted.

All I remember from the dream is that I was hosting a quiz in a pub that was a strange amalgamation of a few different pubs I have worked in over the years. Then two other things.

  1. Where I stood to host the quiz and read out the questions had suddenly become the most important thing in the world.
  2. The one person whom from the last few years of my life I had allowed to take up residency in my head was there.

I knew, for some reason, that positioning of my hosting skills was key to my success as a quiz master. It was all in a first person perspective but looking back over the dream I could almost imagine a camera floating around the room with my thoughts. The second is a little annoying. There was a girl, then there wasn’t a girl a few years ago now. But she was the girl who I had allowed in. I remember in the dream I knew where she was sitting and all I did was skirt around her just on the edge of her vision. Thankfully I don’t remember speaking to her, I’m sure that if I had I would have woken up in a very different mood.  I also remember a little moral dilemma of if I did speak to her would I give her the answers for the quiz I was doing. She was never big on giving answers in the end, so I’m just going to get up and get on with my day, lets not let possible dream meanings ruin it.

Bath then parents house. 

This was no normal visit to my parents. My Nan died on Friday night and however much we would like to ignore what must now follow we, as a family, need to make arrangements. With this in mind I got myself ready and left my house.

There’s a couple of ways I can go to get to my family home. I decided on the way that gave me a little walk, it was a fairly nice day and I still needed to wake up a little. But about half, no about a quarter, no about five minutes into a walk I’d had enough and decided on a bus ride. Even being on the bus was tiring me out, I could feel my eyes closing. Until the crazy that always seems to find me at the wrong time found me. I was in no mood for this so I decided to get off and find somewhere that sold coffee.

I started walking again with my phone in hand. I have noticed recently that I can not seem to go anywhere or do anything without telling the ‘notes’ section on my phone. Just in case I find something to ‘blog’ about later. I’m not sure if I’m happy about this new trait I have.

Anyway I finally reached my parents house and after another coffee we started talking about my recently dead Nan and what we were going to do about clearing her bungalow. As of yet we still have no plan apart from there’s 100 cigarettes left their that no one else in the family is going to smoke.

Also some books.

Just before she died my Nan had spent about a month in hospital and had started reading a collection of books. She never got to finish them apparently. So I instantly thought, maybe I should have them and finish them for her.

Me- “Unless you want them Mom?”…

Mom- “No, they’re sex books”

Me- “Huh, really???”

My mother then pulls out all three 50 shades of grey books. Suddenly I’m rethinking finishing what my Nan never did. I mean, really, really… fair play. But really???

Like really…download

Starting the day exhausted has taken it’s toll on me so I think I’m going to leave this here. I’m glad though, that as a family we have had a laugh today and remembered the woman who was full of surprises.


10 thoughts on “A dream so exciting that I woke up exhausted

  1. I’m sorry for your loss and know how tough times like these can be. However, I can’t lie and have to tell you I found it strangely funny when you said “recently dead Nan”. Am I a bad person?

    1. I’ve been laughing all day. There will be a post about inheritance soon. When Granddad died there was quite a lot of money being spread between five of us. But that money first went to my Nan. I found out today she’s fu*king spent the lot. I had to laugh. She did exactly what I probably would have. So instead of a buck load of cash I’m getting 100 fags and 3 volumes of 50 shades of grey. LMAO, I have been laughing all day.

      1. I’ve been saying for years. “Watch her spending”. lol, I’m still laughing as I type this. She’s pissed it all up the wall on Wiltshire Farm Foods and B&H.
        I’ve honestly never found being broke so funny.

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