bffHave you ever stopped and wondered who that was or what it actually means? Because I just have and I’m suddenly thinking of those who I thought were and am grateful that they weren’t.

Acronym – Best Friends Forever
KIT!!! stay cool and don’t skip school!! sincerely, Britney. PS: BFF!’

Firstly I’m not a fan of acronyms or labels. Acronyms to me are lazy, they are text speak or boring meeting terms. I am a huge fan of being clear and saying what you mean. Not taking whole words out of sentences and replacing them with a single letter. Secondly I don’t really like labels, especially when it’s a label that labels something into a permanent state. Forever is really a word that you should treat with more reverence.

Over the years, and I’m thinking since my 20’s, I have met many people who I have been close to. Many people whom I felt I knew everything about. These people were called my best friends. These were the people in my life and I had a great deal of time for them. However the majority of these people have since been lost to the sands of time. Some I have simply lost contact with, some pop up every few years and some were ‘kicked to the curb’ slower than a 4X4 playing soccer on a busy road with a punctured tire.

Actually thinking about the time frame of this post I was going to go from 20-ish but I can look as far back as my first memories of friendship. My first best friend I had met at nursery school. I remember quite a bit from being 3/4yrs old and I remember my best friend. We then went to primary school together and remained inseparable until the age of 11. During this time our families had become friends, we had partied together, grown together and our families to such impressionable young children had almost merged into one.

We then went to secondary school. I remember only two phone calls after that, both in the first year of secondary school. A friendship that had lasted for seven years had now simply vanished. I certainly gained new friends and I know that my childhood best friend had also. We hadn’t attended the same secondary so the opportunity to see each other had also vanished. But as I had gained new ‘best friends’ I am sure that he had also.

I had indeed gained new ‘best friends’ at this new ‘big’ school. And these friends stayed with me for, certainly, the five years I attended. There’s still a few of these friends I speak to every now and then. The usual once a year phone call or Facebook birthday message. The sort of pleasantries that are meaningless words on a Facebook timeline.

Then college, an extra two years of education. Surly this presented me another opportunity to make new best friends. But in a ‘timey whimey’ act of fate my two best friends at college turned out to be a guy I went to secondary school with and the guy who had been my best friend since four years old. We had been reunited, surely this cements the fact that we are BFFs. We picked up our friendship as though the five years we hadn’t seen each other didn’t exist. In many ways we were four years old again and five years old and six years old and so on…

I was 18 when I left college. I was 18 the last time I saw my ‘BFF’. That’s 15yrs since we last spoke but I genuinely believe that should I end up in a retirement home one day I will find him sipping tea in the armchair next to me.

Jumping back to the friendship experience from my 20s it all pales in comparison to the friendship I had as a very young child. Don’t get me wrong I made some fantastic friends from 20 upwards. Some of them are still around, kind of. I also made some really sh*tty friends in my 20’s. Although I have wasted enough time thinking about these people, of which there has been more than a few. With three years of my 30s now reached I have promised myself to be more picky about the people I call friends and the friends I take with me on my journey. Currently there’s one person who I would say will be around as old age hits. I wouldn’t say she is my BFF, because that would be childish and stupid. But what I will say is that she could be my BFPF.

My new term… Best Friend Potentially Forever.


6 thoughts on “BFF

  1. This is so weird- I just started writing a draft about my best friend 😀 Must be a friend-themed day…
    Agree on the LOL’s, BFF’s and other silly short acronyms…

  2. This is weird. I posted about friends the other day too and I also had a best friend when I was young who moved for 6 years, came back and then I haven’t seen again for 15 years.

  3. I’ve been getting into acronyms and abbreviations lately in sort of a tongue in cheek way, recognizing they are for teenagers who can’t spell. My SBFF and i invented the term Super Best Friend Forever in an attempt to give our friendship the requisite importanace. Its silly i know, but its our little thing and it makes us LOAO 🙂

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