Not everyone wants to go to Heaven

With the recent passing of my Gran I’ve spent more time than usual thinking about and talking about death. Yesterday afternoon whilst I was working I had a conversation with a customer about the subject. I work in a bar and it is very easdownload (3)y sometimes to catch yourself involved in a very deep conversation as you buff glasses or simply lean on the counter.

I was speaking with a regular who on any other day you would only assume to be interested in football and drinking. We discussed the recent passing of my nan and shared stories about people who we had lost. Conversations like this often bring up the question of belief, about Heaven and who gets in. My customer then told me, what I thought, was a lovely story about ghosts and the souls that get ‘lost’.

He told me that some years ago he lived with his mother and sister, in a house that his family were convinced was haunted by the spirit of a young woman. He told me how although he had never seen anything he was convinced that there was indeed a ‘ghost’ in the house and recounted how on several occasions his mother and sister saw a woman sitting at the top of their staircase. This apparition apparently shared the house for several months before a priest was called for a cleansing.

My customer then explained that his family were very religious and wanted this soul to find it’s way to Heaven. They did not however want to be in the house when the priest performed his ritual. So they left for the day leaving him to deal with the priest.

The priest arrived- “Hello, I have come the cleanse the house”

My customer- “Do you need our hoover”?

He did not want the priest to help the spirit ‘move on’. It was not a poltergeist, there was no trouble from it. All the ‘ghost’ did was sit at the top of the stairs. So he cancelled the whole thing and sent the priest away.

Upon returning home his mother and sister instantly felt a relief. They said they could now feel the house was ‘at peace’ and there was never another appearance of the ghostly young woman at the top of the stairs.

Except…download (4)

My customer, who had never once seen her, had a dream about her a couple of days later. In his dream he saw a young woman, sitting at the top of the stairs, smiling at him.

She was happy where she was.

Although my own beliefs are quite different, well, almost non existant . I thought that this was a lovely story and I found it strangely comforting.


8 thoughts on “Not everyone wants to go to Heaven

  1. Considering we’re in heaven already – if we live in the moment – and we’re in hell already – if we don’t live in the moment – the spirits live in the moment too. I’ve lived in 2 houses with ghosts …… one was an old lady who’d always lived in that house and she hung out in my closet in her bathrobe. The other was a man who died suddenly after planting trees at his beloved home – he walked around outside in khakis and a white tee shirt. But I saw him outside the second floor – he was just always floating around. My son saw him too and when I asked him what he was wearing – he said khakis and a white tee shirt ………

    1. That’s IT I am never wearing my bathrobe again or planting bulbs in my garden. I’m so scared right now as last week I almost was planting bulbs in the garden WEARING my bathrobe!

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