Not tonight…

Sorry my dear not tonight.

It’s almost midnight and so far I have started four posts with the intention of freeing up some brain space. Budownload (2)t, to be honest I’m not in the mood. Here come the excuses…

  • the standard, I have a headache
  • the also standard, I’m too tired
  • the not often used, my stomach is playing up
  • the I don’t think ever used, I think I’ve cut the back of my throat and I can’t swallow
  • the grasping for straws, my inner ear on the left hand side is really, really itchy

But really though, I feel awful. I’m sure this will pass by the morning and luckily I have a day off tomorrow. I feel bad for not finishing anything I’ve started tonight but it is very difficult to finish typing a post when you have one finger permanently stuck in your ear while the other hand is typing two letters, taking a break, rubbing my stomach and eventually pressing the space bar.

It’s taken 15mins to type just this.

The thing is I don’t see me getting any sleep tonight and the whole reason behind starting this blog was because I wasn’t sleeping. ‘If you’re going to be awake all night you may as well be doing something.’ This doesn’t feel like doing anything.

This feels like [insert simile here]. And here comes the best reason…

  • My brain has stopped working

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