Words Of Combination


Combination Of Words.

Words are just words until you find the right combination in which to string them together. Then single words can become powerful sentences with the power to inspire an army or to comfort a loved one.

Take these single words…download (6)

  • Dream: NOUN- series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep:I had a recurrent dream about falling from great heights. 
  • I: NOUN- The ninth letter of the alphabet.
  • A: NOUN- The first letter of the alphabet.
  • Have:VERB- (also have got) Possess, own, or hold: ‘have you got a job yet?I don’t have that much money on me’

Now rearrange those four words into this – “I have a dream”

Those four single words have become one of the most famous quotes from the last hundred years of history. Yes the subject that particular sentences are attached to kind of determines how important a sentence can be but just imagine how certain famous quotes would lose some of their punch if not for the words that were used.

We shall fight on the beaches

Compare that to

If there is a fight on the beach we’ll bloody fight

I would love the ability to choose perfect word combinations to make a perfect sentence. A perfect sentence with the perfect rhythm that history would remember and repeat. A sentence with the power to inspire other sentences and perfect responses.



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