All the dumb-ass Manilow fans.

Firstly allow me to admit, I am proudly one of the ‘dumb-ass Manilow fans”. If anyone watches ‘Family Guy’ then you probably understand, because Family Gudownloady is where my love for Barry started.

Peter and his friends hear about an upcoming Barry Manilow concert on the news whilst sitting in the local bar-

Joe Swanson: You couldn’t pay me to go to that thing.

Peter Griffin: Hey, you know we should do? We should go, just as a goof.

Quagmire: That would be hilarious.

Joe Swanson: Yeah, just look at all the idiots.

Cleveland: All the dumb-ass Manilow fans.

Peter Griffin: I mean he’s got like one good song.

Quagmire: Yeah… I mean “Mandy” is not terrible.

Joe Swanson: Yeah, the opening is okay.

Cleveland: And I guess you can’t hate “Copacabana”.

Quagmire: Yeah, if you’re in the right mood.

Joe Swanson: “Daybreak” is a good song.

Cleveland: Oh, yeah.

Peter Griffin: That’s a good song. And I like “Weekend in New England”.

Quagmire: Yeah, that’s a good one. “Looks Like We Made It”.

Peter Griffin: Yeah, it’s not bad.

Quagmire: Right.

[long pause]

Joe Swanson: [sotto voice] I love Barry Manilow.

Peter Griffin: Oh my god, he’s the best!

Quagmire: I have everything he’s ever recorded!

Cleveland: Me too, in my car!

Peter Griffin: We have to go to that concert!

The guys then go on to start singing…the first of my favourites. ‘Ready to take a chance again’

My love of Barry really did start with this scene from Family Guy. Some of my favourite Facebook interactions are from when I put a Family Guy quote as a status. The above quote/quotes always gets a fair response and all of these status updates led to my best friend, a couple of years ago, buying me ‘The Best Of Barry Manilow’ CD. I am sure that this was meant to be a ‘joke’ birthday present but it was no joke. I LOVED IT- and so does she. But then surely everyone loves Barry! Surely…

So in no particular order I present 5 links to my favourite Manilow Songs.

  1. “I guess you can’t hate Copacabana”- You can’t because ‘Copacabana’ is a fabulous song.
  2. Recorded first by The Carpenters ‘Can’t Smile Without You’ is… well, it’s just nice.
  3. ‘Oh [insert two syllable name here] – ‘Mandy’ his first pop hit, I challenge you to fall in love with someone who has a two syllable name and not sing this to them. 
  4. Could it be? Yes, yes it is. It’s magic- ‘Could It Be Magic’
  5. I run a karaoke night every weekend. And yes, I sing the songs. Barry sang them better- ‘I Write the Songs’ (note Barry didn’t actually write that song, Song-ception)

I had to limit myself to a list of 5 because otherwise it would have just been the track list from his ‘everything ever’ album. I realise that I have done another music post for which I will probably be judged but I really don’t care. I will just bring in my good friend Suzy81 (Sue, I’m still convinced Suzy is not a real person) and quote “I hate Barry Manilow”…

And to Mr Manilow…

images (1)

I salute you Sir…


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