Last night I saw a ghost

Have you ever stared at something that terrifies you for 5 seconds?

Your brain works so fast, so fast, that it’s no wonder impossible things suddenly appear to be real. First let me tell the story of me seeing a ghost.

I work in a pub in my local town. The pub has been standing since 1901 and has dealt with all kinds of changes around it. I’ve heard many of my regular customers talk about seeing a ghost/someone/a figure at the top of a staircase we have.

Last night, just after midnight, I was locking up. I was done for the day and could go home and sleep. Not to draw out this story but locking up involves checking, twice, all the doors are locked, closing all windows, turning all lights off and setting the alarm before a short run in the dark to the exit door.  The light switches are just behind the bar hatch, when flicking these switches it is more than normal to stare blankly at the staircase while your hands do the work. I’d got most of the front bar lights off, the outside lights, the entrance lights, the toilet lights – HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THAT?!-

I froze, because staring back at me from the staircase was a face. A face… no a figure… no… what the… sh*t sh*t shi*t.

This was either for 15 minutes or 5 seconds.  I got suddenly very cold. I think all the energy warming my body had been transferred to brain power as it was running well over capacity. Given the same brain speed and a different problem I could have invented warp drive or time travel.

To sum up I was terrified, I set the alarm and ran for the exit. As soon as I’d locked my final door my brain slowed down and allowed me to analyse the last few seconds/minutes/[insert time frame here].

The taxi home allowed me then some time to summarise and find some reasoning.

  • I don’t actually believe in ghosts.
  • I’m turning off lights, shadows move and things look different.
  • We just had new paintings hung on the staircase. The colours on one of these blended perfectly with the banister and this is where the ‘face’ formed ‘shoulders’ and became a figure.
  • I was supposed to be going to the funeral home the next morning to view my Grandmothers body and say my last private goodbye. So my emotional state was already high end on thinking about death and probably more than a little jumpy.
  • I don’t actually believe in ghosts.
  • I went cold because, frankly, I was scared.
  • I have heard many stories about the pub being haunted before.

Had I seen a ghost?

No of course not, but I believed it enough for 5 seconds for it to scare the sh*t out of me.

Had I been face to face, in a staring match with a ghost?

No of course not. I’d had a blurry eyed, half lit staring competition with a banister and a painting.

Did it scare the crap outta me?

You bet!

ghost sums


10 thoughts on “Last night I saw a ghost

  1. It’s funny how ghosts always appear at the top or bottom of staircases 🙂 or doorways, or windows… never like smack in the middle of a room 😀 or right in front of one’s face…

      1. hahahaaa, wizards…
        I don’t know, I am more than certain aliens do exist… and ghosts… seeing them would scare me sh*tless though…
        did you inspect the painting behind the staircase? does it have a face on painted on it?

      2. No it’s a painting of buildings and a road. I think it was just because it was hung yesterday. That particular section of wall offered nothing for the eye before and it just happened to scare the crap outta me last night because I was thinking all day about death and stuff.
        But I realised that the only thing I’m ready for seeing is zombies, should aliens or ghosts actually appear I’m simply not ready for it.

      3. so basically you’re really prepared for the worst! aliens and ghosts are pussies next to zombies! 😀 I couldn’t deal with zombies… I have not thought of a list on how to deal with them, yet… like that guy in Zombieland… that was a great movie … hmm… but yes, death is something that once you have it in your mind, it’s hard to get it out … I can be very morbid sometimes, too… and these times I just command myself to stop, because that’s a deep dark sad hole I just can’t deal with… reality of it sucks though…

      4. Ah see if I ever publish my zombie plan then you’ll see why it’s not the worst thing. And I have been planning for years lol. To be honest, I’ve come to laugh about death. Well, it’s been a couple of weeks and instead of being morbid I’ve started smiling at things. I should have viewed the body today but it’s been put back til Saturday but I’ve planned what I want to say and why I want to see her. And that makes me kinda happy.

      5. Well, good luck on Saturday… even though wishing this sounds weird.. but… I guess closure will be good and it’s good to have it all figured out.

  2. Ah do not be so quick to dismiss that ghost ……… they do hang about ……. and only special people see them. See, you’re special.

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