Writers block

 OK, so I’m not a writer… but I am a blogger. Well I’m blogging.

Yesterday I went to my Grans funeral. I had loads on my mind and since I started on WordPress a couple of months ago I’ve tried to free my mind by writing it all down.

But no words came when I sat to write. All the ideas were there but none made it to my finger tips.

So my question is can I claim writers block? 


12 thoughts on “Writers block

  1. Sorry to hear about your gran. I’m not a writer either but I do blog. I do get stuck sometimes and don’t know what to write next but I think it happens when you are tired or stressed. I don’t think it’s a writers block it’s just maybe your mind is tired since you are thinking a lot of things? For me writers block is when you know what you want to write but you get stuck with the next sentence or next scene that you need inspiration to get you to that next sentence or story? Maybe try to relax and free your mind from anything else. Your words might just wandering inside your mind right now. Just trying to help 😀

      1. Well I think it’s something I don’t want to miss. Lol, glad I can help. Your ranting, I shall await. Have a good day!

  2. Claim emotional overload ….. you’ll write later. You’re not blocked. Too much time spent on the notion of permanence and nobody can do a thing. Nothing lasts forever, and that is as it should be.

      1. Great calmness in the face of death is how I react too. I don’t even cry. When Mom died I just felt relief. When Dad died, I felt the same thing. Later on, on the anniversaries of their deaths, I did cry a little, but never a lot. It’s like I moved on or just blocked it out or something. I sit here waiting for the phone call to tell me my husband is dying —– but I’ve had 30 more years than you to figure out death is life enhanced………….

      2. I do my crying in private. But yesterday was about looking after my youngest brother. I’m eldest of 3 and the over one is normally quite emotionless but yesterday they both went. First time I recall ever having to be the ‘big brother’. Just wished my arms were bigger.

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