Ask away

I have spent the day reflecting and thinking.

I’d like to think that I’m a fairly open person, I am sometimes brutally honest. But however open I seem to be I know what to share and what to keep. So I’m opening up to you guys on WordPress.

AQA. Any Question Answered

So ask away. Getting to know me might help me get to know myself a little more. images


18 thoughts on “Ask away

  1. Hypothetical: If you had to leave your home country and could never return, where is the first place you would think to go? Who, if anyone, would you take with you?

    1. America. I’ve always wanted to go and it would make accepting language and culture quite easy. Don’t think I’d take anyone. I’d rather go alone than choose.

    1. That’s a good one. While it would be nice to visit the past I think I would choose the future, far in to the future. Just to see if the human race really had anything to worry about. While there I would probably try and look up what happened to me but I’d like to check that humans are still around.

      1. Oh goodness. I don’t know… I haven’t a clue what I’m doing myself. Ermm… Follow tutorials and advice. I was lucky to have suzi81 point me in the right direction so I guess it would be that. Find a mentor.

    1. You know I thought I already did! Done now.

      To be honest although I do like a good drinking session the only drink I’ve really ever stuck with is Vodka with and energy drink, be that red bull, monster or some cheap copy. Although saying that ‘Monster Ripper’ with vodka comes close to top marks.

      1. Thanks! And, Good Morning. I know someone who prefers the same drink. I never acquired the “taste” for the stuff. I guess I’m lucky, though I always thought something was wrong with my taste buds as all of my friends thoroughly loved drinking at times.

      2. I used to drink a lot and I’ve put myself off so many drinks by drinking to much of them. But not that. So must mean it’s near the top of my favourites. Probably nothing wrong with your taste buds. I still don’t know how people drink alcohol. It’s fundamentally bad tasting.

  2. I totally do not get the appeal of wine, unless it’s sweet, which is considered a no-no to wine aficionados…? Women friends have told me that I am crazy for not loving wine. It’s easier for me to just take a 1/2 Klonopin when I need to take the edge off.

    To each his own edge-remover. 🙂

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