Broken promises and shattered dreams

A few years ago I wrote a little message in an attempt to cheer my friend up. We often mock each others life’s and find humour where we can. Honestly we have some fantastic times laughing at the situations we get ourselves involved in and as long as we are laughing at ourselves then we are just fine.

This is what I wrote to her; about her. She did see the funny side.

Hidden bruises covered with foundation that doesn’t quite cover the lines and years of broken dreams as you walk down the dull grey staircase of self esteem, leaving behind you a mess of shattered life’s and broken wine glasses, of whispered promises that were forgotten to glass up on glass of rose, a sweet wine mixture of shallow tears and blood, blood that has dripped from a once innocent nostril, now destroyed by years of abuse, fuelled by dreams and hopes for the invention of the morning after ‘WKD’, the family and friends driven away for reasons that only true love understands, a young man left broken and alone in in the ruin of a dark and lonely broken heart. Life is hard sometimes for everyone, but sometimes life chooses one poor soul to bear the burdens of cruelty.


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