A Wall of Tribute

I’m so glad I went to work today, frankly because I crack myself up.

As I was about to enter the front door I noticed on the road opposite the pub I work was a completely destroyed wall. Apparantly quite early in the morning there was a car crash, no one was injured. Two taxis had apparently had ‘a bit of a crash’ and at least one had collided with a wall outside some apartments.

I stress no one was injured.

Except the wall. I then said to one of my regulars, rather of the cuff, that we should lay some flowers to remember the wall. This then escalated. escalated

“Do you want me to go and get some flowers then?”

“OH MY GOD YES” was my response. “I’ll start writing a few notes”.

This was the result:


Only two bunches of flowers at this current time. If I’m honest I would absolutely love it if I went up tomorrow to see some sort of flower multiplication.


But the tributes didn’t stop there…

“Into the Valley of Death went the six hundred we will never see bricks of their like again” -Geoff

“Bricks and stones may break my bones but taxis will never hurt me” -Pete

“If you need anything let me know” -Pink Floyd

“Rest in pieces my friend- you will never need to take a fence again. xx” 

“I will always miss you. xxx”- ‘Humpty Dumpty’

“As you lay there, broken bricks and mortar I curse those taxis that caused this slaughter”

“You were always there when I needed someone to lean on”

“You inspire me, you kept it together right until the end”

“Although you’re now gone my gate will always be open for you”

But it didn’t stop there. I stood out front with some regulars enjoying a cigarette, when suddenly one of us started laughing, real hard. People were stopping to read the signs. First we saw were a couple who had a good chuckle before walking off, then two, then three… this really made me howl with laughter.

Did you ever stop and think ‘I really crack myself up’? 

The hilarity of what I had done continued for a good hour and a half until. Wait… No… Really?…


Somebody had placed a candle at the crash site. As if the flowers and messages weren’t enough. Someone had gone to the trouble of placing a candle. Well this nearly broke my sides. It’s been a good while since I have found anything quite so funny.

I really, really want to go back to work in a couple of days and find many more flowers and messages and in one final comedic act of the night.


I started a collection jar in support of the bricks that are left behind.

Current total- £2.47

I’m really very tempted to set up a Facebook group with a ‘just giving’ page.


11 thoughts on “A Wall of Tribute

    1. I was laughing all night. Honestly I find myself so funny sometimes. It’s when people were stopping lol. But then I saw at least two cars slowing down to look. I then got the idea for a road safety campaign, because that particular junction has had 4 accidents in the last year. Birmingham city council needs to pay attention.

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