Sex Music

The link between music and sex I am sure is a subject that has been explored many times before. But for me it’s only since I sat down tonight, looking at my blank computer screen, searching for inspiration that I realise it was only ten days ago that I have ever paiimages (2)d attention to music in the background. I was 33 a couple of weeks ago and it’s only just occurred to me that I have never really cared what’s playing in the background. My sexual career really began at the age of 20. So it’s took a full thirteen years for background music to become something that I’m going to pay attention to. And I suddenly think I’ve worked out what my vibe is when it comes to bedroom music.

But first… Lets sum up that sexual career using songs I have been inspired by reading from a list of ‘the 50 best sex songs’

Age 20 to 22 – “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel. I do kinda think that the early years were very much like a sledgehammer. I do remember the first few years going into a testosterone overload and having to have sex with anyone that was willing. This was probably to make up for the very disappointing teenage years.

Age 22 to 24 – “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye. Let’s face it. This is the ‘go to’ sex song. It mellow and really damned sexy. You can fall in love with this song. And the closer I got to 25 falling in love was suddenly important. By 23 I had met a girl who I thought could have been the one. She was a beautiful as this song is. We settled down, moved in together and had a lot of really good sex.

Age 25- two songs- James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover and Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) by Eamon. I think you can guess what happened with the ‘oh so wonderful’ relationship I had previously been in.

Age later 25 to 26- All Saints – Bootie Call. I’d been burned. I didn’t like that. Never again, this would be the time of not even swapping numbers. But Something was about to happen. I had got my self a ‘friend with benefits’.

And somewhere along the line I caught emotions. The next few years would be every sex song you could imagine. This was me comfortable with a girl who was comfortable with me. This was sex like I had never known it. From Je T’aime,…Moi Non Plus to S&M-Rihanna, this was an amazing relationship that didn’t even start out as a relationship.

Age 30 – Etta James – I Just Want To Make Love To You. I’d settled down again. I was getting a bit sick of these changes. I now wanted a proper grown up relationship that would last… “but I want you to be true”

That lasted a year before I decided it wasn’t working for me. So from 31 until just recently turning 33…

I Touch Myself-Divinyls

So there I am enjoying my life without any complications, yeah I could ‘get laid’ if I wanted but it’s wasn’t worth the bother, and I had to have a birthday. Long story short- ended up in bed with a girl who put a CD on before we’d got to the bedroom. Now I am the first to admit it was a ‘sexy’ CD, it had all the sexual connotations that one may link to amorous activities.

Age 33 – Slowjams. Now however nice some people may find this, however sexy, however amorous and mood driven. I found it quite… annoying. This isn’t really ‘my bag’. I had to at one point ask if I could turn off the music. It was quite off putting.

So after ten days of reflection, ten days of searching I think I have found what my sex music should be. Now I know I will be judged for this. I know that the chances of me ever getting sex again has gone right down. But… Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Mr. Kenny G…

download (7)

Click This Link- My Kinda sex music. If that link worked then it took you to Romantic Saxophone collection part 9 – Kenny G.

Now I have surprised myself in my findings. This music really isn’t what I expected to end up with on my recent search for bedroom music. But here it is and it’s wonderful. Give it a listen, the sax version of ‘As Time Goes By’ is one little minx.


10 thoughts on “Sex Music

  1. Interesting choices. I would be happy to provide my answers. but that would mean actually doing this sex-thing first 😀

  2. Well the sex part caught my eye right away. Music? Only in the old brain ……. but really you cannot beat Leonard Cohen for getting to the heart of it all ……. the pain, the joy, the nitty gritty dirty down loving …….. my man Leonard. You need to get a life if you think Kenny G is sexy – he’s an elevator ………

  3. You know- after all the music choices from the 20s onwards I was really shocked you settled down on (no pun intended) Kenny G.. I don’t know what I was expecting at the end of it (and yes, weird, this post actually made me consider what your final destination of sex music would be- creepy!) but Kenny G wasn’t that! 😀 PS! Seriously laughed at the “I touch myself” one…

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