Voices & Sound

Question: Why does the voice in your head sound different to the voice everybody else hears?

Supposition: Because the voice in your head isn’t yours…

Everybody has heard their voice recorded. Never have I heard the comment “that sounds just like me”. I talk aloud to myself all the time but that voice is different from the voice in my head when I talk to myself silently. So which of my voices is the real one.

The voice in my head: As I type these words I am saying them in my thoughts. In my head. I can ‘hear’ the words I write because my brain is ‘saying’ them.

Aloud alone: As I type these words again I am saying them aloud. I can speak these words because I am talking with a voice. But this voice is different to the one that simply thought the same words early.

I’ll record my voice… : As I listen to the words I have recorded (the sentence above), the voice is neither the one in my thoughts or the one I had just heard talking aloud. The recording could easily be someone else.

Question: How do I know which voice is mine?
Answer: Answer, they all are and yet none of them are.

Where does this leave me? The man with three voices. How can I know who I am when I don’t know what I sound like. Do I speak with a trinity of voices? The words are usually the same, but words can take on different meanings depending on the download (3)voice that says them. I know, or at least I did when I started typing, that I do not suffer from multiple personality disorder. But the more I think about this subject the more I am questioning myself and everyone else in the world. If I’m wondering where the voices come from then surely someone else has.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

What is my voice when it’s being observed? It is ultimately my voice to the world. But that world can’t see me as I see myself because I know from recordings that my voice sounds different.

If I know that the voice in my head isn’t the voice others hear or indeed the voice I hear on recordings then how can I know it’s my voice? Am I really in control of my thoughts or am I hearing someone else when there is no speaking voice involved.

I can’t help but think this is a Doctor Who episode. Could life ever get as strange as that? Will I one day realise that there are more versions of me trying to talk and if there is, should I let them? And who would hear?

Should I let them? Who would stop them?


8 thoughts on “Voices & Sound

  1. As Doctor Who said on Saturday night “Listen”.
    Reminded me very much of Saturday’s episode but with a different take on it.
    I recommend you contact Mr Moffat with your idea for the story. You just never know, Paul, your name could be up there in the credits for the episode he writes.

      1. You sure would. I read somewhere that recording of series 9 starts in January so may be too late for that series now. I was in Cardiff last week where most of it is filmed but alas nothing happening which means a trip to Cardiff is on the cards early next year.

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