23 ‘things’

Repost before I go to bed. I may well find time to do a post ‘on the go’ tomorrow but until then- a list that never changes.


download‘Things’, things, things, things. The more you say that word the stranger it gets. I’ve seen a lot of posts which are basically lists. At first I thought this should be easy but then realised when it came to typing them out that actually it wasn’t. Why 23? Well 23 seems to be the magic number when it comes to lists nowadays. So here I go. 23 ‘things’ split into three categories. Things I don’t like, things I do like and things that I am quite indifferent to.

Things I like:

  1. All day doing very little. I have for a year now managed to only work four days a week. That gives me three days a week to do whatever I like. And what I like is doing nothing. Days spent in bed or on the sofa watching bad films or spent binge watching television programmes.
  2. Cooking

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