A gentleman does not FAP

I’ve been checking the ‘Clicks’ on this post. That’s 12 people more that have seen me naked. Empowering.


He masturbates.

Following the recent ‘The Fappening’ and the rather more recent threat of ‘Snappening’ it would seem that our naked photos are simply not safe. Our versions of safe, be it hard drive or mobile device, are apparently wide open to hackers and the only thing they are interested in is naked photos of you! My goodness how terrifying.

Or is it. I admit, I am no stranger to sending and receiving lewd pictures. I know that there is a massive possibility that there is someone out there who has copies of these pictures. Actually there’s probably a few people. But I’m not really that bothered by it. Not that I believe these pictures will be shared, nor am I worried by the possibility, the pictures people will have are pictures that I chose to share with them. So, hell yeah, they cast me in the best light possible…

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