A gentleman does not FAP

He masturbates.

Following the recent ‘The Fappening’ and the rather more recent threat of ‘Snappening’ it would seem that our naked photos are simply not safe. Our versions of safe, be it hard drive or mobile device, are apparently wide open to hackers and the only thing they are interested in is naked photos of you! My goodness how terrifying.

Or is it. I admit, I am no stranger to sending and receiving lewd pictures. I know that there is a massive possibility that there is someone out there who has copies of these pictures. Actually there’s probably a few people. But I’m not really that bothered by it. Not that I believe these pictures will be shared, nor am I worried by the possibility, the pictures people will have are pictures that I chose to share with them. So, hell yeah, they cast me in the best light possible.  Now please don’t get me wrong here. I do believe that the way in which these pictures have been released into the world is fundamentally wrong. I have no time or respect for these ‘hackers’ but it’s done now and what can we do about it. Make new laws? There are laws against murder but it still happens.

Ownership. Remember being called names as a child, did you ever get given advice on owning that name. If you own it you take away power from the person using it against you. This would be my response should any naked pictures of mine manage to find their way on to an open forum.

To quote a very wise person called Steve:

 Since I like to be in control of my own destiny (and nakedness) I’m not going to wait until some nerdy hacker uploads me and my bits. No, I’m going to get in first and post my own snap on my own terms.

Check out his post on this subject. The idea being post your nude before someone else does. This is ownership, I own my naked image. If I give that image willingly then it is my choice to do so. If I give that image to someone it becomes theirs, can we then claim it back? No, we can trust them not to share it. But what if they didn’t?

  • What if it is stolen from them?
  • Is it their fault?
  • Is it mine for giving it in the first place?

Well no, the fault lies with the thief. It is that third party which should be dealt with.

But what about revenge porn? Well, this is where it gets a little tricky. But this is where I would bring up the question of human decency. The only thing I can suggest if this will ever worry you is do not do it! We all know how traumatic a break-up can be. And I’m sorry ladies, yes it is a possibility that certain things will get shown around. I am not condoning it but it can happen. So be warned.

Anyway… ‘The Fappening’ happened, lots and lots of naked celebrity pictures were unleashed on the the web. Trust me, I’ve seen most of them. Here comes my sorry not sorry moment- I LOOKED. What are you supposed to do? If I walk past a house with open curtains and a can see naked people inside, sure, I’ll turn my head but it’s been seen. And now it would seem that this may well be the case. Hackers have your measurements and they will share them!

And at this point if I may once again quote from Steve:

If everyone else in the world follows suit (it could be called #birthdaysuit) then we will have beaten the hackers – next step Terrorists!

Own your pictures. Get them up before Hackers take ownership. Steve very bravely did his (refer to his post if it floats your boat) so I will follow this new trend by posting mine. Warning it is quite steamy and because of this I posted it to twitter because lets face it, there is SOOOO MUCH PORN ON TWITTER. Anyway if you want to see it click here 

My nudes are my own, I am the one who shares them.


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