It would appear that my most viewed posts have been in the last few days. I put this down to basic voyeurism.

Lets examine:

First there was

#BirthdaySuit my own Fappening

which then led to

A gentleman does not FAP

So there we have it, what does it take to intrigue people into viewing your work- it would appear nudity. Although Ok, I admit the photo I attached to ‘A gentleman does not FAP’ was a little bit of a joke. However I have leant something about myself, I liked it. I liked the voyeuristic journey I had embarked upon.

So I’m actually going to do it, I’m actually going to post a picture of me in my ‘Birthday Suit’. A prospect I find thrilling. Click here-> #BirthdaySuit if you really want to view.

I know it’s a risky business all of this exposing yourself but

  1. It beats the hackers
  2. It actually turns me on a little 😉

That’s all for now. Until later, you risky people.


9 thoughts on “#BirthdaySuit

  1. Well that was cute …… I must admit the idea of a 30 something man in a birthday suit beats the idea of a 50 something man in a birthday suit ………. keep in mind, it’s all downhill from here.

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