Goat of the Week

If you are on Facebook I implore you to check out Goat of the Week. It’s brilliant.

It’s got photos, facts and everything you need for a daily cheer. no timebreak goat tombola


13 thoughts on “Goat of the Week

      1. Virgo, so you’re a virgin then 🙂
        Yeah, I like goats as well. They seem to eat anything including old shoes, books and tinsel (yes I saw one eat some once – what came out the other end, so I am told, was very glittery!)

      2. I think the goat will know the answer to that one, but he’s busy putting the final touches to a quick Dr Who post at the moment and will come back to you once the post is published (hopefully at 5pm!!)
        In the meantime, my real first name is William (Hugh is my second name) so you could call me Billy Goat 😉

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