Maybe we should meet up… (warning may contain a lot of swearing)

Maybe you should fuck off! 

(There’s the swearing)

So there I was drinking, singing and generally enjoying my Friday night when a few years to late I get a message… “Hi how are you?”

Well, being as you walked out four years ago and being as we haven’t spoken for well over a year I’m just fine thanks. ‘Why the sudden interest?’

“I was just thinking how Halloween was coming up and you always dressed as the devil” – OK, so this would be the first Halloween that’s come up in four years that you decided to remember I exist so why don’t you come clean and admit that you regret everything, that you are sorry and you know you made a terrible mistake.

Except, you didn’t… You went on to get your dream job, you now live in the south of France. I however stayed pretty much where I was and got on with my life. I learnt to be happy. And I am happy without you.  And you continue to be happy without me.

At least that’s what I thought, because you know, for the last year you haven’t been in touch. So why tonight, why all of a sudden is it OK to be getting in touch. Thing is, it’s not OK. Not OK at all.

“Wrong time, wrong place.” -She said.


Seriously fuck you! I got over you. I spent ages pretending I’d gotten over you. I almost convinced myself. But of course, you have to blunder in and ruin that for me. “Are you still with that girl who had the kids?”– ‘No, of course I’m not. I got with her when I still had issues with you, of course that didn’t work out. So no, to answer your question, no I am not still with her’.

Bla Bla Bla… “I’m back for a few weeks over Christmas, maybe we could meet up”- ‘Yeah maybe, but given the history Is that really a good idea?’ “Well I’ll let you know when I’m back, I think we should”- ‘OK then’.

Dickhead, why did I say OK then when what I really meant was NO, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

I was really looking forward to Christmas this year as well. First time in about, oh, all my life. But no someone had to go and throw a spanner in the works. I will now be spending Christmas ducking an ex-girlfriend, finding any excuse not to meet up with her and eventually meeting up with her anyway.
So that’s my feelings on this… I am quite drunk and now need to pass out. Pleasant night people.


22 thoughts on “Maybe we should meet up… (warning may contain a lot of swearing)

    1. Numbers have changed that many times. What it needs is for her to block me on facebook. But I know that will never happen and no point me blocking her cause i’ll just unblock at some point.
      Failing that I could remember that I’m a stubborn SOB and she can go F herself.

  1. You could grow a backbone and tell her to piss off. Seriously. Anyone who messed you up like that is just going to do it again — what did Mom say? Leopards don’t change their spots …….. wise words.

  2. agree with the two ladies above… tell her to sod off and lift your chin up because – her loss!!!

    also- not to piss women off, but a lot of women (not all) would really act like this. They break up with a person then, whatever amount of time later, they realize what they had done and start wishing back the good days… and that’s selfish.. because they come back, then realize again that no, there was a reason she walked out and then does the same thing again…
    it’s women, bro!


    you enjoy your life, enjoy your xmas this year and don’t step into the same bloody bucket! 🙂
    Good luck!

  3. OK. Probably unpopular comment here BUT…. If you knew she had really changed and was really remorseful about what happened, would you be interested? People make mistakes and sometimes they really do learn and grow from them. Everybody makes mistakes. Would you want to be black-listed if you were really sorry and had changed? All the anger tells me there are still feelings there. Now, how to know if one has really changed and learned and is remorseful – I don’t know. But you won’t know if you don’t talk to her, that much is true. It is worth it? That is something only you can answer. Much love to you Polly Man.

    1. Thank you. Thank you for seeing it from a different angle. The problem I have with this whole thing is that it’s all done, it’s been done for a long time. Yes there are still feelings. But buried deep deep down. This is what I starting to term as ‘an unwanted gift’. I don’t want to be given these feelings, I should have kept the receipt. A couple of friends I have spoken to have said I must be ‘enjoying’ this. I am really not. Some things are meant to stay buried. RE: Zombie Apocalypse- No one wants it.

      1. If you are thinking “what’s the worse than could happen” could you also think “what’s the best that could happen”? (I am sure Suzie is better qualified to help with this.) If you want closure, maybe you could get that? Just trying to help. I think having regrets is the pits and is a preventable waste of energy and time. Thank you for being gracious about my advice. Not knowing details of course, I can say maybe I was in a similar situation. The guy black-listed me. I was dealing with an abusive homelife (he didn’t know the details) and could not know at that stage in my life what I was messing up/giving up with him. His father told him that he shouldn’t take me back because of what his friends would think. That is the worst advice I have ever heard. It was his life, not his friends. I finally learned about relationships but his pride or whatever prevented him from allowing us to benefit from what I learned. Life is about learning. People shouldn’t necessarily be black-listed because they haven’t learned about life yet. Sure “they can learn it the hard way” and be black-listed, but who does that benefit? Just my two cents. Everyone and every experience is different. I am sure we all just want to you be happy.

      2. What I love about the fact that you now have a blog is that you talk about stuff that you would never openly say in person and this gives me a better understanding of how you actually feel about a situation.

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