Did you miss me?

I’ve just had a week removing myself from the world. Well, I say a week. It was a week with a few days of having to work and babysit but at least three of those seven days have been spent with my phone off, Facebook time kept to a minimum and no blogging save for a few comments.

I have nothing to report.

I may have to wait for a daily post suggestion before I get writing anything longer than 100 words. As it truly was a week of no incidents, no drama and no bullsh*t.

Today my phone will mainly be off… and that is a good thing.



9 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

      1. A ‘Meateor’ which has pork meatballs, ground beef, sausage, pepperoni and smoked bacon rashers with BBQ sauce base. Cheese and Smoky Bacon Stuffed Crust.
        With pepperoni dough balls and chocolate dough balls for dessert.
        I purposely didn’t eat all day for this lol.

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