No More

No more, no more.

Today this was my mantra. No more bullshit, no more putting up with people, no more letting people take advantage.

I am the first to admit that I sometimes come across as unapproachable, I have been called intimidating before and I have been known to make people feel uncomfortable. None of which is done intentionally.

Yet people still take advantage. With work, with friendship, with life in general. NO MORE.

Why this sudden stand? Because yes I’ve had a rough time of it of late. In fact the last eight years have been rough. But maybe I’m being melodramatic. No actually I’m not, I genuinely believe that what ever is affecting you IS affecting you; be it the loss of a loved one or an unfortunate biscuit/tea dip.

But eight years has finally caught up with me. I admit I’m stressed as Hell, you may never see it but this is my declaration of it right here. I’VE FUCKING HAD ENOUGH.

I’ve had enough of your excuses- NO MORE

I’ve had enough of you not pulling your weight- NO MORE

I’ve had enough of you taking advantage- NO MORE

I’ve had enough of you being only concerned with your own life- NO MORE

I’ve had enough of ‘having’ to listen to you- NO MORE

I’ve had enough of not being listened to- NO MORE

I’ve had enough of doing you favours- NO MORE

I’ve had enough of…

Pretty much everything. It may not be cool for a bloke to be describing his life in this way and in no way is this aimed at anybody. But PEOPLE, please, give me a fucking break. Honestly at this rate I’ll be having a heart attack by 35.

It’s no wonder my latest favourite pass time has been sitting in a dark and quiet room.

This isn’t a cry for help, this is a rant. No this is a statement of intent. I intend to go forward and not give a shit for a while. I intend to put myself first for a change. I intend on having no more bullshit.


7 thoughts on “No More

  1. Go ahead and love more, just don’t get fixated on the form …… in other words, you need some new friends in that playpen!

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