No More – Day 1

So last night I decided No More would be my mantra. Today I employed it but lets add a little context.

My Job-

I am a third wheel at a pub in my local town. We are a fairly quiet back street pub which is essentially kept afloat by regulars. I started working there after honing my trade over the last 16 years, in various positions within the trade. It’s fairly safe to say “I know what I’m doing” without sounding arrogant.

About six months before I started work at this pub I was ‘advisor’ to the couple who took it over. A couple I have known for roughly 12 years and I was happy to help. I had worked with both of these people before but had not really been in regular contact for a few years previous to this job. There were many things I hadn’t realised. Mainly that the guy half of the couple was an alcoholic. It’s taken about a year and a half for me to actually use that word, alcoholic, but there it is.

He has no clue what he is doing, he is lazy, he is annoying and the customers really, really dislike him. I was once his friend but recently it has become very difficult to use that word. Again, I am not being arrogant be it’s me and his partner that run the place while he is busy drinking the stocks, pissing people off and generally doing very little.

Yesterday annoyed me. It was extremely busy, it was my day off.  So I got a phone call, can I come in to help. “Yes, no problem, give me half hour.”

I got there, half past midday, he had half a pint sitting on the back bar. I promptly walked past, picked it up and threw it down the sink. I didn’t drag me arse out of bed after two hours sleep to serve people while he stood there drinking, no way. He didn’t mention that someone had thrown his drink away, instead he poured another pint and placed it somewhere else. I then put on my hat and coat and said to his partner, “I didn’t come in so he can drink the fucking stock”. She wasn’t shocked, she wasn’t upset, she just said OK. But the look on her face was one of weariness. I then stepped back and said, “Get rid of him and I’ll stay today”.

She did and there was my day off gone. He then took his child home, after a few more drinks somewhere else with his mates.

NO MORE, happened last night.

Today I was not putting up with him any more. I turned my phone off last night, because I knew that at some point before I got to work that I would get a phone call asking me to do the pubs banking. It’s not my job and it’s one of the things he should do. I was half an hour away from work when I turned my phone back on. A message, three missed calls. No prizes for guessing who from. I turned my phone back off.

I arrived at work.

“You OK? I tried calling you”

“Why what did you want?”

“Oh, I, I just wanted to see if you were OK”

“Really well I’m here now, ask me”

“Are you OK?

“Yes, fine thanks”.

I turned my phone back on, another three missed calls form him. So that’s six missed calls within an hour. Just to ask if I was OK? Hmmm yeah right. I then checked the till and the safe. Oh you guessed it, I was going to be left for a full day of serving customers with no change. Well, I remembered my mantra. NO MORE.

“Are you gonna go to the bank then?”

“No you should be fine”

Then a rather long ‘talk’ from me about how actually, no I wouldn’t be, how it’s not my job and how he should stop treating me like a fucking idiot. How I gave up my day off yesterday to, once again, cover his poor judgement. How I’ve realised that in the last year the only thing he gives a crap about is where his next drink is coming from. Bla bla bla…

His response.

“You’d better calm the fuck down”

It was very close to becoming a fight.

“Oh really, I’d better calm down, You’d better sort your fucking life out because I’m sick of wiping your bastard arse”.

I have a very serious face even when I’m enjoying life. Imagine how serious it is when I have to say something like that. I’m angry, I’m tired, I’m sick of you taking advantage. NO MORE.

It didn’t end up in a fight, he left with an ear bashing and I was left to my work. Which, incidentally, I enjoyed today. I had no “How’s it going” messages. I had no “Is it busy” or “are you OK” messages. Which I have come to realise are just his pleasantries that hide his actually not giving a shit because he doesn’t have to deal with it.

Oh and I almost doubled the takings for the day. Did I mention I was damned good at what I do?

In summery of NO MORE day 1- I end it happy. Happy that I actually stood up for myself by telling a few home truths. By proving to an idiot that I, in fact, do know better.

Lets see what day 2 of a new philosophy brings… The power of my moustache showing is giving me power of mind.


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