From Friday

Friday is a big day for me. The couple I rent a room to in my house are moving out. I AM OVER THE MOON ABOUT THIS. 

From Friday this week I will have no internet for about ten days as I transfer accounts. So I am taking WordPress mobile. There, I’m guessing, will be more photo uploads and more short notes of random thoughts. All of which will be taking place as I clean and tidy and organise my house. It will finally be the way I want it after years of having to share with other people.

From Friday my house will be my sanctuary. Which ever room I choose to sit in and relax I will actually be able to relax without the intrusion of other people.

From Friday I won’t wake up at 4am needing to use the toilet and have to worry about getting dressed to do so.

From Friday I can get home after a long day at work and get undressed in my living room. I can sit in my underwear for hours watching T.V, enjoying a glass of wine, smoking.

Actually From Friday I could probably go without smoking in my house at all. I expect to be so de-stressed and relaxed that even lighting a cigarette will be an effort.

From Friday I can invite friends over for dinner. Iceland have just started selling Lobster for just £5, unfortunately I have decided to boycott Iceland until Peter Andre stops doing the adverts for them. He is a talentless douche who is only famous off the back of Bubbla Ranks and for ‘loving his kids’- No one told the moron that you are f**king supposed to love your kids.

From Friday I will not be counting down the days until Christmas. Not that I do anyway. However instead I will be counting down the days until I get my brand new television package. Hundreds of HD channels filled with films and tv shows to catch up on. All with a Tevo box which I predict is going to become my new best friend.

From Friday it’s all about me.

From Friday…
From Friday…

Just a couple of days until From Friday becomes a reality.  I have the Champagne glass at the ready…


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