First ever throwback-Thursday thingy. This one. Relationship status=Happily no change.


12 months being single, a year in review.

The last relationship I was in came to an end almost exactly a year ago. I had spent the year previous to thgogpat relationship single also but I hadn’t learnt anything about myself. I hadn’t in that year got over the previous girlfriend so I should never have moved on to another. So I was potentially facing the last break up with horrible memories of the one before as well.
12 months ago I vowed not to make that mistake again. I didn’t have the energy to deal with everything I had done wrong with ghosts of girlfriends past all at the same time, during one big kitchen floor reset. This is when you find yourself uncontrollably crying whilst sitting on a cold kitchen floor gazing at an open fridge packed full of single man food and alcohol.BeerFridge

Everything after…

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