Phase 2

Phase 1 was reconnecting with myself. Letting go of certain things and forgetting things that I can’t do anything to change.

Phase 2 began today. First of with decorating a little. New me, new room etc. IMG_5952.JPG
Based upon the living room from the BBCs Sherlock I’ve completed what will now become my main space in my house. No, my home.


Phase 2 will now be a week of reconnecting with people. I’ve spent a good couple of months closed off from the world as much as possible. I admit it’s been beautiful. But that beauty only comes to light because people in the last few months have been just awful and I’d decided not to take it anymore. I had lost myself in the heat of frustration and anger. I remember I used to be funny, actually I’m fairly fucking hilarious!
Phase 2 will be finding the hilarity once again. Fingers crossed this week will be with comedy.


2 thoughts on “Phase 2

    1. I was impressed with myself. I’ve never done more than paint a wall before. But then I currently have a moustache. Of course everything was going to be fine.

      And thank you πŸ™‚

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