Ever think, I deserve this?- Phase 3

After a really rough few months tonight I am treating myself.

The bottle of Prosecco has already been drunk but lucky for me I have an off licence at the bottom of my road. I have had a distinct lack of sleep and lack of happiness in the last few months. So tonight, just because I can, just because I’m happy, I am sitting in my house and getting twisted.

I have brought a bottle of vodka and several cans of Red Bull, I have cake and chocolate and cigarettes, I also have other things that will remain out of a blog post for reasons of I don’t want to lose any readers or friends through disapproval.

But it’s only Tuesday, but this week has been great so far. Yesterday I baby sat my God son, which was a fantastic day. It ended with his mother saying she could “hear my ovaries screaming”. I have my house to myself for the first time in two years, I’ve tidied and decorated it just the way I want it. I have a little bit of money that I can see lasting until the end of today and generally I am happy. I had my new cable/internet deal installed today and I intend on catching up on some TV and movies.

I am happy, really happy for the first time in months.

I am more than willing to put up with a hangover and tiredness tomorrow at work. Because tonight I started phase 3. And phase 3 makes me very happy.


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