Ups & Downs

This week, starting yesterday, started looking quite bad. 

Monday morning: I’ve just got myself into a routine of getting up a few hours before I need to just to sit and drink coffee, catch up on TV I missed the previous night and also have plenty of time to slowly get ready for work. I was doing this yesterday when my phone started ringing. My boss on the other end. I ignored two calls and gave it an hour before I rang him back.
ME- “Hello mate, you rang” 

HIM- “Yeah, I was just walking past your house”

ME- “Oh you not at work today then?”

HIM- “Ermm, no, I’ve just been sacked”

ME- “Huh? Say again? What?”

HIM- “I walked in this morning to open up and the area manager was there waiting for me, basically had to hand the pub keys back and that was it”

Me- “So what happens to me now? Do I still go in?

Him- “To be honest I don’t know, you’ll have to go in a find out, sorry mate”

Well, this was news I could do without and just before Christmas. I don’t need this, yet another f**king stress, I’m getting sick of this.
I got to work and spoke to the temporary manager that had been thrown in place, I was directed to the Area Manager.
It then went like this:-

12:30pm- “Well, yes you can see the end of this week out”
12:45pm- “You can carry on being the DJ on weekend nights if you like but that’s all we can offer you”

13:30pm- The area manager left saying she would be back by 3pm. I then start wondering where to look for a new job.

15:00pm- Area manager returns, “can I speak to you in private for a minute”
“Right, I’ve been told I have to keep you on”

Turns out I’ve been noticed by somebody at head office.I don’t know who but it would seem I have a guardian angel at a higher level than my area manager. The way I finished work last night was very different to the way I started. It seemed as though something might be going right for a change.

It also turns out that every one of my regulars yesterday had ‘a word’ with the area manager and told her I should be kept on. In fact I should take over!

Today I was in work for what should have been only a couple of hours. It turned out to be most of the day. It would appear that I have in fact been marked as the next permanent manager the only thing I need to do is get a copy of my licence sent over. It may well not happen until after Christmas now but I have been told more than once today that I am ‘safe’. Untouchable in fact. I don’t know who it is that has my back but I would like to thank them.

Tonight I am able to relax at home, knowing everything will probably turn out for the best. I have brought a small bottle of vodka and I’m having a drink with an atmosphere I’m not used to- Optimistic!

Hell it could all go wrong tomorrow, but please universe- “just give me this tonight… Just give me this one!”



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