At last, days off!

My weekend

For the first time in over a year I have two days off in a row. Tuesday & Wednesday. This is my weekend.
I woke up at half past midday, it was glorious. I had a bath and went out for coffee. I then did a little shopping before preparing my sofa for two days of relaxation. Blanket, pillows, side table and tv remotes.
Sadly I made the mistake of leaving my phone on and it rang.
A call to go into work. Not a full shift but still a call to go in. You see last Monday I got to work to find I had been lodged firmly in the middle of a management change over. I, somehow, had managed to keep my job and throughout the week have become invaluable. This is great news for me as I still have a job over Christmas and possibly going into next year. As a ‘reward’ I got to days off combined, good news as I have been working harder and extra.

The main tough things I’ve found though is being surrounded by new people in which I need to make a good impression upon. This had caused me to have face ache.
I HAVE NEVER SMILED SO MUCH FOR SO LONG. It’s been just over a week now. I am happy but my face doesn’t normally like letting that be known.
I’m just traveling to my parents house now as I type, hopefully to get a sandwich. (Thanks in advance Mom)

I plan to spend the rest of the night watching some classic Doctor Who and doing very little indeed.
I plan this… That doesn’t mean that it will happen but fingers crossed.


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