Thinking and talking on Tuesday

It appears that my work rotation has evolved for 2015, I now get Tuesday and Wednesday off every week for the foreseeable future.
After a long week of working with many late nights, early mornings and long days I can’t see myself doing very much on Tuesdays from now on.
So I kinda think I want to spend more time this year on my blog. It is an activity which has really helped me in the last half of 2014. It is a ‘system dump’ for my brain and that is something I want to continue doing, with increases frequency.

In thinking about this then I will be running ‘TuesdayTattle’. A place for me to dump whatever random thoughts have been going through my head and possibly bogging me down. I’ll be using #TuesdayTattle so I can link it with Twitter and if anyone is free on a Tuesday and needs to unload they can share the process with me.

Hopefully 2015 will be the year of a ‘clear head’ in much the same way I’d decided that 2014 was the year of the bed.
Now it’s time to get out of bed and take part in life a little more, come join me enjoying my days off every Tuesday, I’m interested in your random thoughts and stories.




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