#TuesdayTattle a metaphor and Vampire Fish


I just moved. this has not happened for a good few hours now! That is a great feeling after a busy Christmas and New Year.

I moved because I had ran out of cigarettes and had to go get some more from my local shop. Thankfully only a two minute walk.
Getting back to my sanctuary I noticed that the neighbours had put their bins out. Tuesday is ‘put the rubbish out’ day. This leads to the metaphor.
#TuesdayTattle was an idea I had to clear my mind on my days off. I would happily collect thoughts and ideas all week and save them until a Tuesday when I can unload them to WordPress. And Tuesday happens to be rubbish day.

‘As I’m clearing the trash from my house I am able to clear the trash from my mind’ 

Vampire Fish-

Because I’m having some works done on my house I relocated my fish tank to the upstairs spare room of the house. I had to go in the spare room tonight whilst checking for things to throw out for the bin collection. I entered the room and turned the light on.
All four fish ran, well, swam into dark corners of the tank, hiding behind fish tank plants and inside ornaments. I’ve noticed that when the tanks light is on I rarely see the four fish…

my supposition- My gold-fish are vampires!

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