#TuesdayTattle My First Question


Here’s a random thought I had last night to kick off my #TuesdayTattle.

If someone from the future described roughly the clothes you were wearing when you die would you change your style completely or risk death every week wearing what the future visitor described?


14 thoughts on “#TuesdayTattle My First Question

  1. I’d probably change style…
    It does however seem fascinating… imagine if we really really knew… would we be able to cheat death by not ever wearing the clothes we were meant to be dying in? … Immortality! 😀

    1. But you only get a slight description. So when they say you die in a brown shirt and you only ever now wear white… but you just fell in a muddy puddle. Turning your white shirt brown. You could take that shirt off but that might cause you to die from cold.

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