#TuesdayTattle Zombie Dreams


Last night I had another one.
This isn’t an unusual dream occurrence, I have zombie nightmares/dreams quite often. I put it down to ‘real life’. I find myself regularly in a scenario where I am surrounded by people who want something from me. In life what they want is favours or, because I am a barman, drinks. In my sleeping life these people become mindless zombies that want flesh.
Sure it’s not nice to compare living people to nightmarish zombies but the feeling is very similar. The feeling of wanting to get away from them, the feeling of escaping people. In my dreams I always escape the hordes of the living dead and sometimes I get time to escape people in my waking life.
Today is one of those days, tomorrow will be as well. I get to stay in my house, warm, chilled and locked away. I’m not agoraphobic in any way but I do really enjoy time by myself. Being constantly surrounded by people is sometimes so very draining.

For a few years now I have had ‘plans’ in place should a Zombie apocalypse ever happen.
To break them down:

  1. Attic- First and best place to hide from mindless zombies. There is warmth up there and you could survive a few days without food, fortunately there is a water tank in my attic so water is not a problem.
  2. Scavenging- For the first few days of an outbreak it would be difficult to venture out for supplies. But after the initial outbreak things would eventually calm down.
  3. Survival- I’ve already decided that if anything should ever happen globally I would cut all ties. I wouldn’t go back for family or friends. I think my best chances during the apocalypse would be staying alone.  I came to this conclusion as I realised that my little mother would have a much better chance at surviving than I would and is more than capable of taking care of the family and herself.
  4. Rebuild- In my plans everyone escapes the cities and lives in the countryside/woods/forests. This I believe to be a mistake. You see, an outbreak would only last about six weeks. Zombies would ‘eat’ themselves to death. Question when was the last time you saw zombie poop mentioned? After, I guess, six weeks or so the streets would be covered with the exploded guts and bowels of the undead but the streets in the city would be empty. Everyone evacuated to a countryside location. But it is a disease that travels with people. The countryside is doomed, doomed I tell ya!

When it’s all over and the world is getting back on it’s feet I must sit and count my losses and thank my lucky stars that I survived but… I must also remember I have been dreaming about this for a long time and not so secretly wishing that it would happen.

My plans are of course more detailed than the above, but I mean really detailed. The UN would want copies of this should it ever become a reality.
I have maps, lists, survival tactics and even recipes for the apocalypse but should it ever happen (fingers crossed) would I survive or would years of planning be worth nought when the event occurs?

Just remember- “If you fail to prepare then you must prepare to fail”


4 thoughts on “#TuesdayTattle Zombie Dreams

  1. Thanks for the tips. I had a zombie dream the other day. They were chasing me, so I decided to lock myself in the bathroom. One problem, I left my husband downstairs and found myself debating whether I should risk unlocking the door to save him, or just stay locked in the bathroom… anyway, I ended up doing the latter! No idea what happened to my husband? I soon woke up. I’ll be heading up in the attic next time!

      1. I’m really curious to know. Perhaps I should eat some cheese before bed? That supposedly gives you nightmares! If I am to have another, I shall let you know…You must be on the edge of your seat 😉

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