I heard a warning from Facebook

Lucky for me I have friends who share important messages on Facebook.
Messages about how to stop hackers, spies and terrorists.
The latest one I got worried about was Facebook spying on me through my laptop screen. Lucky for me there is a way of stopping this… Lucky for all of us huh?
And it’s simple and inexpensive- and quite the fashion statement.

This is my current Facebook status
“This is my tin foil hat selfie to stop Facebook scanning my brain whilst using my laptop. Facebook can scan your thoughts through your laptop screen and then sell any information they find to terrorists who hack your Amazon account and purchase a silly number of teaspoons. Tell everyone you know to stop these cutlery terrorists.”

Here are a few selfies…






A tinfoil hat is quite the thing from now on.


12 thoughts on “I heard a warning from Facebook

      1. Not yet, just bright silver and a slightly duller silver… Did I mention that it’s reversible?
        Also there are some issues when wearing it in the sun, but these will be worked out before we go to production.

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