Just a quick trip to the shop

I love my Saturday afternoons, I don’t have to work until about 5pm so it allows me the entire day to do things. Well the ‘entire day’ isn’t exactly what I mean, it’s more from what ever time I wake up in the afternoon.
Today wake up was about 1 in the afternoon, that is fabulous. Time to recharge was well used. I did have to go to the shop however to get a few basics. These included bread and milk.

I needed, or rather wanted, neither bread or milk. I did have an idea of making a coffee but that went out the window as soon as I realised I couldn’t really be bothered.
In fact I don’t expect I’ll be making coffee in the next few hours. But it’s better to have the milk there, just in case.

This reminded me of my favourite bit of work motivational spiel…

“If you fail to prepare then preparedownload to fail”

This is not only my favourite piece of advice from the work place but something which I think everyone can benefit from.
That coffee later will be a great reward.


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