#TuesdayTattle -An Open Debate


OK, by UK time I’m now an over an hour into Tuesday so let the Tattle begin…

With recent events in France I have seen many different responses. Everybody has an opinion on the terror of these events. I would rather keep my opinion to myself however today I’m pondering:-

Vicious/dangerous animals, dogs for example, get ‘put down’. Maybe there is a case for ‘putting down’ certain vicious and dangerous elements of human society.


4 thoughts on “#TuesdayTattle -An Open Debate

      1. I completely agree. However, they will be a lot more difficult to deal with if they continue to do so hidden in basements. Making them visible could be a good way to pinpoint out the dangerous elements of society.

      2. Basements or public eye ‘dangerous elements’ attract dangerous elements. The best thing about having them out in the open is they can be pinpointed and managed. The problem with dealing with them is that there is always another idiot looking for a martyr.

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