#TuesdayTattle ‘Click’


If you had a remote control for life which button would get used the most?

For me I think the volume buttons would be warn out. I find that people talk entirely too loud. Travelling on public transport in the last couple of days there has been at least one person on every journey talking on a mobile phone. The entire carriage felt involved in this conversation because the person talking had no sense of volume.
In the pub I work at I find myself involved in conversations that remotetake place on the other side of the room because people talk far to loud.

But then…

There are some people that talk far to quietly, these people are just as frustrating because of the sheer amount of energy it takes to converse with these people. Never quite being sure if you’ve heard right.

I like to think I can judge the volume of my voice quite well. So why can’t others?
You don’t shout in a church and you don’t whisper at a football match. How is it so difficult for people to grasp?

Which buttons on your life remote would get used the most?
How often do you think you’d need to change the batteries?



11 thoughts on “#TuesdayTattle ‘Click’

  1. I’ll probably use 2 buttons the most pause and fast forward. Just to pause life in the moment of good times and fast forward the worse ones. Nice post! πŸ™‚

      1. Oh true! Then count the rewind button too. Now I have 3 oh wait might have to use play too. Lol. I guess I’ll be using all the buttons after all. πŸ˜‰

  2. This is a good one.. I really need to think about this one…


    I think I would use the rewind button a lot, to go back to some happy moments with my family and loved ones.
    I would probably use Pause button a lot, as well, for really sitting in the good moments.
    And delete button for every evil arsehole I ever meet πŸ˜€

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