#TuesdayTattle – Shakira’s Hips


Shakira’s hips don’t lie. Well that’s good news. I dislike liars and I like Shakira’s hips.
But that got me think abouting…

What part of your body does tell lies?

First thoughts are, of course, your mouth and consequently your brain. When these body parts lie you know about it, you are very concious of the lie.
Then a more esoteric idea.
The heart, I’m fairly sure everybody has blamed some lies on their heart at some point in life.

Lets take it wider. (Forgive the pun which will become obvious after the next video)

As a teenage man my penis lied to me all the time. It convinced me that I found certain things attractive through it’s actions. My brain was being lied to by my penis.

In my early twenties the brain ended it’s relationship with my lying penis. It went alone for many years.
But then it started lying to my heart.

My mid to late twenties were great, my heart was being lied to by my penis. Every now and then my brain would glance in on the party they were having. It all seemed so good.

But now approaching my mid thirties it has stopped lying to me. My head and heart and yes my genitals now work as one. I’d like to think I’m happier for it.

Maybe I should get together with Shakira’s hips and we could not lie to each other all night.


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