#TuesdayTattle -Nine & a half inches – of Snow


So there I am relaxing doing very little that I had planned for the day and the perfect excuse came up in the form of a weather report.
“Midlands set for six inches of snow tonight”

This is fantastic news. It validates me doing nothing and going nowhere today. “I’m going to stay home because of the snow”.
Every time in the last five years that there has been any major snow fall in my area I have been at work. Therefore I have been stuck at work. Everyone else is lucky enough to get ‘snowed in’ whilst at home but I always get ‘snowed in’ at work.

This has led, in the past, to me having to complete some 24hr shifts or having to walk home like Scott of the Antarctic. I have always done it. Always put up with the excuses of I can’t make it in today because of the snow.
But now…
Now it might be my turn to get snowed in… YES!!! I love this prospect.

Six inches of snow may not sound like a lot if you are reading this in a country that is used to winter weather but trust me when I say, in England it’s always cold -we can deal with that- but as soon as that cold is joined with powdery white flakes of water everything grinds to a chilly halt.

Six inches- haha- Who am I kidding, I’m facing being able to enjoy the wonders of being ‘snowed in’ -and- I’m a man… That six inches will turn into 9.5inches quicker than you could ask for proof.

  • Thermal Vest- Check
  • Big Slippers- Check
  • Fire- Check
  • Hot Water Bottle- Check
  • Willingness to stay in the house- Check
  • Ability to exaggerate the number of inches on given measurment- check

I’m all set… BRING IT ONdownload (2) 


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